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Blue Ridge Risk Partners is your premier destination for comprehensive airshow insurance coverage, specializing in safeguarding hot air balloon events, airmeets, and other thrilling aviation gatherings. With our wealth of experience and tailored solutions, we offer peace of mind to event organizers by providing protection against weather-related disruptions, liability claims, accidents, and more. Our commitment to fast and efficient service ensures you get the coverage you need without delay.

Don't leave your event's success to chance; trust Blue Ridge Risk Partners for specially crafted airshow insurance that's as unique as your event. Contact us today to secure your event's future!

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Our Airmeet/Balloon Event Liability policy is written through Chubb and includes:

  • Liability Limit is per occurrence, no general aggregate
  • Bodily Injury definition includes “Fright and Mental Anguish”
  • Limited Contractual Liability included
  • Policy is “Duty to Defend” – you will not have to pay defense expenses
  • Defense expenses are in addition to the liability limits
  • Property Damage Liability includes loss of use
  • Automatic coverage for owned and non-owned mobile equipment on premises
  • Emergency Medical Malpractice is included up to the policy limit.
  • Non-owned Aircraft Liability available


Please note: Airmeet/Balloon Event Liability policy excludes coverage for participants or passengers in aircraft and balloons. Pilot coverage would respond.

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Airshow insurance offers reassurance, ensuring you are financially safeguarded in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Whether it's an incident like a fire or a liability claim, airshow insurance can alleviate the financial strain and offer peace of mind.