Lower Your Commercial Auto Insurance

Lower Your Commercial Auto Insurance

October 27, 2021

Business insurance can be a major expense for many companies. Finding ways to minimize costs can be extremely helpful to your commercial business.

Finding ways to minimize your commercial auto insurance can take work, but it can also lead to a drop in your premiums.

Commercial Auto Discounts

A squeaky clean driving record is your best way to maintain lower commercial auto insurance premiums, but there are a few other common discounts:

  • Continuous auto insurance
  • Bundling all of your insurance
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Business owner experience
  • WPay your policy in full

Ways to Minimize Commercial Auto Insurance

Take a look at these six ways to minimize your commercial auto insurance.

  1. Ongoing Driver Training: Training ensure that your drivers are always maintaining the utmost safety.
  2. Keep Vehicles Well Maintained: Breakdowns can happen. Make sure that your vehicles are being properly maintained and are being replaced when necessary.
  3. Purchase an Economical Fleet: Things to consider here are productivity versus cost.
  4. Emphasize Driver Safety At All Times: Ensure your drivers are getting enough sleep. Make sure they are practicing safety. Consider installing a GPS to keep an eye on their driving habits.
  5. Screen Drivers: One bad driver can spoil the bunch. Drivers with a past DUI or DWI charge can really impact your insurance and can cause issues with even finding insurance.
  6. Monitor Travel Routes: GPS comes in handy again! Understanding and analyzing your driver's routes can cut down on time, mileage, and improve safety.