Creating a Company Culture By Boosting Company Culture

Creating a Company Culture By Boosting Company Culture

January 18, 2022

We hear the term ‘Company Culture’ often.  But this leaves many Employers scratching their heads.  Do we have a Company Culture?  How do we create one?  Is this what our current employees and prospective employees really want?

According to the SHRM 2017 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Study, only 33% of Employees felt engaged, and 17% felt actively disengaged.  This leaves a good number of employees without any opinion whatsoever.

One of the best ways to kickstart whatever Culture you are going for is to Boost Employee Engagement.  Let’s break this down into four easy steps.

  1. Be Approachable and pay attention to your employees

No one wants to feel unappreciated or unnoticed.  Take the time to listen and really hear what your employees are saying.  Have clear open-door policies in place and show your employees that you believe in their potential.

2. Be flexible and focus on your employees’ well-being

Flexibility can make a world of difference.  Minor changes in how a workflow is completed or a Flexible work schedule can make all the difference in an employees’ well-being and overall attitude.  Encourage collaboration and give them the autonomy to get the job done!

We recently covered the top benefits trends of 2022 and total well-being is at the top of the list.

3. Be open to new technology that makes everyday tasks fun

Resources are out there, waiting to be utilized.  Make learning interactive and modernize your infrastructure. 

4. Be positive and give employees a voice

Positivity and negativity trickle down from the top.  Employees' attitudes towards their workplace Culture can easily be molded by their Leadership.  Create a positive attitude in the environment and give employees an opportunity to be creative.  Form an employee resource group and allocate funds for team-building events.

All of these drills down to one simple idea—Employees who feel engaged, will go home happy and come to work happy.  Thus increasing the overall productivity of the organization.

If you have questions about how to further engage your employees, talk to your broker or benefits adviser.  They can help you create a culture of support and work with you to develop a plan to boost employees' well-being.