Livestock & Equine Mortality - Are you protected for the unexpected?

May 23, 2022

I was down at my daughter and I’s barn this afternoon watching our beautiful, one day old heifer calf
running around the pen. All of our cows have really good bloodlines and this little calf’s Momma tops
the list. I couldn’t help think to myself… Could this be the next Great One we’ve raised? Could she be a
high seller this fall for us? Ask any cattle breeder or horse breeder and they will share the same
excitement & enthusiasm for their calves or foals. As these cows or mares establish themselves within
our herds, why not consider insuring them with a full mortality policy?

Fast forward to this fall, when lots of my cattle breeder friends are marketing and advertising their
spring & summer born calves. The new owners of these show heifers and bulls have made quite an
investment! Why not take out a mortality policy to protect your new purchase? Or perhaps you’ve
found the next great English or Western horse for your child’s show season. You’ve made a big
commitment financially, why not protect your horse from death, injury, or colic? Mortality policies, even
with major medical, are much more affordable than you might think!

Mortality policies are designed to protect your animal from the unexpected. Not only can these policies
protect for accidental death, with Equine policies, major medical can also be purchased. So, if your
horse needs surgery to correct a colic issue or surgery due to an injury, a mortality policy can be
designed to fit your needs. How about that high dollar donor cow that flushes consistently well &
continually produces outstanding embryo calves. Wouldn’t it make sense to protect your potential
future earnings by insuring the donor cow with a mortality policy? With a simple application and a
veterinarian statement of health, coverage can be put in force within 48 hours.

Your spend your life dedicated to your farm. Make sure you are properly insured. Reach out to Ryan
Wiles today to learn more.