Should We Make The Fireman A Plate? Holiday Safety

Should We Make The Fireman A Plate? Holiday Safety

November 10, 2021

Holiday Safety Tips

Am I ready to host my home holiday event?

It is officially, what the world describes as "Holiday Season". As we bound forward into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. For many it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. With baking, baking and more baking. For me, the idea of preparing even so much as a sugar cookie sounds like a nightmare. The Christmas Story had it right when the threw in a plot twist of eating at the local Chinese Restaraunt. I will take cutting off a goose head or ordering pizza over a warm oven any day. LOL.. I am all for, however, washing ever dish and clearing every plate, as my lovely sister completes a meal that would put any chef to shame.

So what in the world would insurance have to do with the holiday spirit?

Not everyone can cook...

It is not unusual to see in the local news, stories of exploding turkeys and house fires during the month of November. To often, those of us who burn toast, decide we are gonna come up with new and creative ways to make and bake the Thanksgiving turkey. We deep fry, beer batter, oven roast and even cook in a barrel in attempts to have a fine and festive turkey baking experience. My advice, if you aren't a professional and then read the instructions thoroughly. If there aren't instructions, probably a great indicator, it is not a recommended method for preparing your bird.

Not only do we blow things up turkey style, but we also fail to properply thaw and handle it. Make sure you don't just throw it on the counter overnight, put fully frozen into your microwave on high or even, (and I am not making this up), use a blowtorch.

Make sure you use different preparing and serving utensils, as no one wants food poisoning. Use a cutting surface that has been wiped and fully prepared. Give yourself plenty of time for all items and don't try fancy shortcuts that will only allow for loss of home in the end.

These things may seem simple and basic, but again, these stories don't end up in the news because everyone was thinking clearly.

Is that ice?

I will only admit this once, but I am a huge fan of the song "ice, ice baby".. But I don't like ice on my stairs..

That being said, we need to make sure we are preparing the outside of our home in a safe manner, just like we are the inside. If you know you are going to have guests over for the season, make sure you have properly maintained and cleared any ice from your steps, porch, landing and even driveways. A slip and fall could ruin any event. Not just in pain and suffering to the victim, but possibly financially to you.

The same thing is true, in making sure decorations are not in a place where they could fall or harm a visitor, be sure you are using proper plugs and wiring to avoid fires and if you know the local woodland animals are a fan of yours, put precautions in place for things such as chewing.

It's a New Car!!

And before I end up sounding like a terrible grinch, I will wrap it up with this last bit.. If you are going to buy a new car, expensive jewelry, home of any type, rifle or any other item that would most likely need to be insured, make sure you plan ahead. Contact your agent and ask how much additional this coverage should and would cost you. Also, if this is going to be an expense to the person you are providing the gift, is this in their budget?

It is exciting to hand over a set of keys, but if those keys costs them an extra $360 a month, might not be a great idea. LOL! You may be shaking your head, but it has happened.. I promise you..

More than anything, I just hope each of you reading this has a wonderful end to your year. Should you have any questions or concerns this holiday season, please reach out to us. You being properly covered, is truly a gift for all of us.