Why Do I Need Insurance?

Why Do I Need Insurance?

October 26, 2021

Life happens.. Right?

Too often I hear people say, "Insurance is a rip off", "We are being forced to pay for nothing" or "I don't need insurance, I am safe, careful and prepared".. But ARE YOU REALLY? I can't even begin to count the times I have gone to the local soccer mom event, gathering of the masses or friendly get together, and when asked, "What do you for a living?" and reply "I sell insurance", to often I get that "Dear Lord don't sell me anything" reaction.. LOL! Luckily for me and them, I never try to do such a thing, but very often manage somehow to sell it anyway. Why? Because "Life Happens"

If you drive a car, have a wedding, own a farm or simply walk around and breathe air, you are in need of insurance. It enables you to be financially secure to face any type of problem. Typical insurance policies cover health, travel, motor vehicle, and home. So why do you care?

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending Insurance School in Charleston, WV. While there, the instructor was once upon a time an attorney who later transitioned into an insurance instructor, given the numerous cases she faced in court, where too often, had someone made the right decision and allowed themselves to be properly insured, they would not have suffered their fates. One case, in particular really stood out in my memory.

The short of it was this.. A couple, living in a rural West Virginia area, had their home built in a sharp turn on the road. A drunk driver, one stormy evening, decided he was going to fail the turn and drive through the bottom half of their home. The drunk driver, was arrested, and after realizing the legal costs and fines he would now be facing, in desperation filed a lawsuit against them for building their home in a "blind" turn allowing for possible destruction to their home and not allowing drivers any room for error.

Ridiculous right?

Except it wasn't... Unbeknownst to the driver, this was a complete shot in the dark, however, the homeowners had built the home themselves, owed no money on the home, never had a mortgage and therefore did not feel the need to have adequate homeowners insurance. So they now have no way to pay for the repairs, nor did they have an insurance company who was willing to help in the legal issues now before them. In a flabbergasting turn of events, the jury, for whatever reason, decided to rule in favor of the driver, and the homeowners had to pay him money and eventually lost their home.

The odds of this exact case happening to you may be one in a trillion.. or basically never.. but it is just one example of how we never know what is coming our way.. Life happens right?

Texting and Driving? Did you hear me?

So sadly, I have an up close and personal experience with this life topic.. While working with one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure of, I was part of a sales team. My counter partner was one of the best humans I have ever known. She and her dad had a really great father/daughter relationship. She was living in Colorado, like myself, while her father lived in North Dakota.

While we were in the middle of finalizing one of the biggest sales we had made that year, she got a 9-1-1 text and phone call from her sister. I told her go ahead and call her, I would sit there and wait. Upon her making the call, I saw her face suddenly go into panic and she began screaming and crying. A 19 year old female, was texting and driving and collided into the car that was driven by her father. He was life flighted from the scene and did not survive. The female driver was now facing vehicular manslaughter and an insurance claim to the likes, most would never want to experience. Although this is yet another rare and hopefully never experienced scenario, had their not been an insurance policy in place, who knows what would have ensued in this instance.

I am often guilty of a text or two myself, and would be lying if I said this doesn't briefly pass through my head as I do it. I worry about that now, with my son becoming a brand new driver. But it also gives me all the more reason to make sure he is properly insured.. Again, life happens, right?

The Circle of Life..

It may be hard to believe, but you need insurance to bring life into this world, (health insurance) and you need insurance to honor it when it leaves this world. (Burial, life, possibly health). So if that is not reason enough to consider, invest and want insurance alone, you and I are going to be having many more lengthy conversations...

One does not simply get delivered by the stork, as my mother tried desperately to get me to believe until I was 16, for fear of boys and curiosity amongst the young and restless. And one does not get disposed of in a large black plastic bag, as every Halloween or cheesy lifetime murder mystery purposes. It is a series of numbers, value and desire that allows these things to occur. What type of coverage do you want for those you love most, how can you ensure they are not financially strapped when these things happen and why is it important?

Life Insurance can be purchased at the ripe old age of one minute old and is recommended well before you reach the Medicare age limit. The older you are blessed enough to become, unfortunately the more expensive the premium may be.. Does this mean, do not get life insurance at age 70? It does not. Unlike taking to long to get to the oven to retrieve your beautiful dish before it burns, it is never to late to invest in your life and its ending.

The average funeral costs $9,614 according to last year Medicare statistics and the average cremation was $6,455. Would your family have that to spare if you did not have a policy in place? Again, the whole subject matter of this reading.. Life Happens..

The Answer...

The answer.... Life Happens...

As the image states, you can't control the conditions, but you can control how you are prepared for these things.. And that all starts with Insurance... Insurance.. and then maybe go ahead and add some more INSURANCE.. I can't promise you it will keep all the bad things away and monsters out from under the bed. But I can promise you it will make things easier and leave room for some money for the nightlight.

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