Preparing for a Generation Z Dominated Workplace

Preparing for a Generation Z Dominated Workplace

June 01, 2023

As the years pass, get ready for the newest generation moving into the workforce: Generation Z. Just like every generation before them, you will have to adapt to the unique tastes, personalities, and points of view of these new Gen Z workers.   


So, how do you prepare for a Generation Z dominated workplace?   


Who is Gen Z? 

Before we can understand Gen Zers’ workplace needs, we need to understand who they are.  The most agreed upon definition is that Generation Z is made up of young adults born between the years 1996 and 2010.  This means that the oldest ones of the generation are turning 27 this year, so many are already in or ready to jump into the workplace.   


Generation Z is unique in that they are the first generation to be “digital natives,” where they have grown up with the vast technological advances and innovations that we see in the workplace today.  Generation Z has had 24/7 access to the internet, cell phones, and social media.  As a result, this generation has different tastes, preferences, and perspectives on what is valued in the workplace.   


What does Gen Z want in a workplace? 


Salary and Benefits 

Generation Z values a good salary and are less willing to work for only minimum wage.   


To previous generations, salary has been one of the most important factors in deciding which job to take.  However, Generation Z tends to value salary less than every other generation before them, instead looking to other factors.  These can include benefits such as more interesting work, better job security, reasonable hours, and increased flexibility.   



Regarding Generation Z’s working hours, this generation is very focused on mental health, and they have noticed trends from preceding generations—working too much leads to burnout.  For Gen Z, work-life balance is one of the biggest considerations to them, and they want it to be that important to their employers.  To them, employees that are burnt out are less likely to do good work and be proactive, so employers should take this into account with their hours.   


Nowadays, after the pandemic, we’ve seen the possibility of increased remote work.  For some Generation Z, being digital natives, remote work is favorable to them and can allow them to schedule their own hours.   


Being Heard 

Generation Z employees want to know that their work is making an impact.  They want to have face-to-face interaction with their managers, and they appreciate clear communication to know they are appreciated and their ideas are being taken into account.   


Focus on CSR 

CSR refers to a term called “Corporate Social Responsibility.”  Basically, it means that a business focuses not only on profit, but also how the company impacts social concerns and environmental concerns.    


For Gen Z, businesses must show that they are not only focused on profit and demonstrate their commitment to the greater society in various ways, like giving back to the community, trying to showcase their sustainability, or hosting events for locals.  Generation Z tends to be more socially conscious and politically active than previous generations.   




Overall, as Generation Z continues to enter the workplace, you have the opportunity to hire young talents who can help your business stay up to date with technology and the changing social environment.  Generation Z will prioritize you, if you prioritize them.