State Auto FAQs

State Auto was acquired by Liberty Mutual group of companies, which includes Safeco. State Auto will cease to exist for personal lines.

Your account is set to roll over to Safeco, a Liberty Mutual company. You will receive communication from State Auto about this change. 

As your independent insurance agency, we pride ourselves on providing you with our best coverage at our best price. For that reason, we have enlisted a specialized team of Blue Ridge associates to manage the review of your account and make sure that we are placing your insurance with our best carrier for your needs. We are diligently reviewing your account now and will follow up in the upcoming weeks to let you know if your policy will move to Safeco or another trusted carrier represented by our agency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, you will not go out without insurance. Your policy is just not renewing with State Auto because State Auto will no longer exist since it was acquired by Liberty Mutual. Your policy will automatically become a Safeco policy if we do not find a better fit for it with one of our other trusted carriers like Westfied, Encova, or Nationwide.

State Auto was acquired by Liberty Mutual and its group of companies. State Auto will no longer exist and will become Safeco. This is a common practice when insurance companies acquire others.

Yes, you will still have coverage and you will not lose coverage.

Your premium may increase for other reasons not related to this transition to Safeco. The increase could be due to several other factors like a general increase in premium related to changes to your living or driving habits. We are doing our best and our dedicated team is reviewing a list of carriers to ensure you are getting our best coverage at our best price.

Nothing! Just know that we have a specialized team working to ensure you get our best option.

Yes, we have a high standard for the carriers we work with and we only work with trustworthy insurance companies.

Let me check your account; however, if you received a phone call from an Account Executive that your account is now XX, then it has been moved to another carrier.

We are sorry, but you cannot. State Auto no longer exists for personal lines.

You can talk with someone on our specifalized team. Please call 877-425-2886 or email us at